15 Times People Were Lucky Enough to Find Some of Nature’s Artwork


Nature has its ways, and an amazing capacity to surprise and enchant us with some of its wonders. Whether it’s ice wool, bioluminescent mushrooms, or a golden river, the truth is that it might just take a short walk to find something stunning. And it only takes about 120 minutes a week spent in nature to make you healthier, physically and psychologically, so it might be a win-win!

We at Bright Side really love to share beautiful things with you, and this time we have some photos of glorious natural wonders, so we hope you lie back and enjoy the view.

1. “Bioluminescent mushrooms on a tree.”

© Shutterstock.com© gc_hinterland_herper / Instagram

2. “Saw this rare phenomena at Kew Beach… pancake ice.”

© TaoWeMeetAgain / Reddit

3. “Amazing hair ice/ice wool found in the woods this morning — a first for me!”

© badger_irl / Reddit

4. “The color of these berries near my apartment complex”

© HandsomePurpleDino / Reddit

5. “Fairburn agate I found!”

© walleyed11 / Reddit

6. “I camped in the New Mexico desert to capture the Milky Way over an alien-like landscape.”

© mrcnzajac / Reddit

7. “Naturally-facetted garnets I found while gold panning in Vermont”

© Silver_Winged / Reddit

8. “Frost pattern on our grass.”

© MidgeGidge / Reddit

9. “Red mosses during sunset at Point Lobos State Park, Monterey Bay, California”

© bmack831 / Reddit

10. “Another photo from my dad — Mist on the Merced River in Yosemite Valley”

© watchthebirdy / Reddit

11. “End of the rainbow in Colorado’s White River National Forest”

© mitchtobin / Reddit

12. “Last night Aurora borealis in Northern Minnesota.”

© juntawflo / Reddit

13. “Bioluminescent waves glowing blue as Venus shines and reflects off the ocean — San Diego, CA”

© jackfusco / Reddit

14. “Amazing, clean 3.57-carat Glowing Hyalite Opal I cut. It glows under a UV flashlight & even in daylight.”

© Stevemoriarty / Reddit

15. “Found these little guys on my bush walk.”

© snowy-kiwi / Reddit

Have you been lucky enough to witness any of these or other amazing natural creations? Feel free to share them with us.

Preview photo credit Stevemoriarty / Redditsnowy-kiwi / Reddit


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