The Black Hole That Gave Birth to the Universe


The big bang postures a big question: if it was truly the cataclysm that blasted our cosmos into reality 13.7 billion years ago, what sparked it?

A group of three researchers at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and the University of Waterloo suggest that the big bang might be the three-dimensional “mirage” of a collapsing star in a universe deeply different than our own.

The event horizon of a black hole — the point of no return for anything that falls in — is a sphere-shaped surface. In a higher-dimensional cosmos, a black hole might have a three-dimensional event horizon, which could seed a whole new universe as it forms.

So technically it might be the time to bid the Big Bang bye-bye. Cosmologists have proposed that the Universe formed from the wreckages expelled when a four-dimensional star collapsed into a black hole — a situation that would help to clarify why the cosmos appears to be so uniform in all directions.

You can learn more about their amazing theory here and watch the video below for more information:


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