50 Funny And Spot-On Recreations Of Old Photos, As Shared In This Group


You can’t bring back the past. But you can recreate it. And when you do, take a photograph and submit it to the subreddit r/PastAndPresentPics. Everyone else does.

Whether it’s a quirky childhood memory, a romantic teenage moment, or an honorable ancestral tribute, these guys welcome it all.

To give you an idea of how to pull it off, we at Bored Panda hand-picked a selection of the best posts we could find on the subreddit and even managed to have a friendly chat with its staff about everything that goes on in this wholesome online community.

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#1 Same Pride, Same Couple 25 Years Later (2017)

#2 It’s All I Wanted For My 60th Birthday

There are two people running r/PastAndPresentPics — the founder u/NateTrib as well as the moderator and CSS u/enfrozt. Luckily, both of them were kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

“If you sort the subreddit by ‘Top’ you’ll notice our most popular pictures are from 2 years ago, 7 years ago, and 4 years ago,” u/enfrozt told Bored Panda. “The subreddit has been around for a long time, and some of our front-page posts were from quite a while ago.”

“Recently there was a post that I’m really fond of,” the moderator added. “It features a past-and-present picture of a person that is a cub scout to eagle scout. Really cool to see them grow and still have the same outfit.”

#3 The Most Poignant Pastandpresent Pic I’ve Seen To Date

#4 Faithful Little Desk Buddy

According to u/NateTrib, the fan favorites are photos recreating a past photo where the person tries to nail every aspect, including the background, the pose, and the outfit.

“Shout out to my dad who still had his same shirt 25 years later when we did a family Christmas photo recreation!” u/NateTrib added.

“The subreddit is pretty niche so when someone takes the time to do a legit Past And Present Pic, the community definitely shows them love!”

#5 Couple At Woodstock 48 Hrs After They Met And 50 Years Later

6 Me As A Baby Wearing A Ridiculous Wig vs. Me At 21 With The Hair I Ended Up Growing

#7 34 Years Apart.

Currently, the subreddit has 62.2K members. u/enfrozt thinks people are so interested in/entertained by other photo recreations because we all have a soft spot for nostalgia. “Whether it’s walking down the road of your childhood neighborhood, the smell of your mother’s homecooked food, or eating an ice cream from the shop near your house that tastes the exact same as when you were young, memories from the good times can spark positive emotions,” they explained. “I think the older we get, the more we reminisce about the ‘good times,’ the fond memories of growing up.”

#8 40 Years Later…

#9 My Mother Made Me The 2 Year Old Outfit And The 39 Year Old Outfit

10 My Sister And I Graduating Headstart vs. Us Graduating College

The moderator thinks this quote from Andy Bernard is very fitting when talking about r/PastAndPresentPics: “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them.”

“Partake in a hobby, learn a language, practice an instrument, visit a country,” u/enfrozt said. “It’s never too late to do that one thing you’ve been putting off, make every day matter.”

#11 When The Student Pulls A Reverse Uno On The Teacher..

#12 On The Left Was Mother In 1980. Now In 2014, Her Daughter.

#13 My Son And I Planted Our Faces On A Copier, Then And Now

#14 My Parents Took Pictures Of Us Asleep In Weird Positions When We Were Kids. We Recreated The Photos As Adults, But Just Look Like A Bunch Of Drunks!

u/enfrozt highlighted that the subreddit has infrequent posts, but the ones it does are usually really good. So it’s not about quantity but quality. “I think the subreddit is a perfect sweet spot between a small enough community to not attract too many trolls, and large enough that we get content. Our little corner on Reddit has a great community.”

If you’re lucky to have any old photos lying around, the moderator highly suggests to try and get your family and friends together and reenact your pictures. “You can create some new memories from the old ones,” they added. “See where you are today from where you came from and have a laugh or two while doing it!”

#15 From A Ten Your Old Cub Scout To A 27 Year Old Eagle Scout (Even The Hat Is The Same. Go Braves!!!)

#16 Biff Got What He Deserved After Almost 35 Years.

#17 My Wife And I During A Dance In Sixth Grade And Then On Our Wedding Day

#18 Only A Few Months Apart.

#19 For My Mom’s 60th Birthday, My Brothers, My Cousin And I Recreated A Photo From My First Day Of Kindergarten.

#20 I Came To This Courtroom With My Class In Kindergarten. Today, 14 Years Later, I Finished My Internship With The Judge In The Same Courtroom.

#21 My Grandpa In The Middle With His Sister Annetta On His Left With Their Best Friends 1927 vs. 1992

#22 They Were Neighbours Since The Birth, The Photo Was Taken On The Bride’s 3th Birthday By Her Parents

#23 Steve And Robert Irwin Feeding The Same Crocodile 15 Years Apart

#24 15 Years Later And We Still Have That Mall Photo Shoot Swagger!

#25 My Grandma And Dad 1966 And 2020

26 This Famous Photo Of A 12yr Old Afghan Girl And Her 18 Years Later (Photo By Steve Mccurry)

#27 My Sister Got Married Over The Weekend, So We Recreated This Gem From Our Childhood

#28 I Found An Old Pic Of Me Playing Computer Games. As It Turns Out I Haven’t Changed Very Much

#29 My Dog, In The Same Spot, At 1 Year Old And 11 Years Old.

#30 Perfect Past And Present Strangers

#31 Brothers In A Bathtub. 20 Years Apart.

#32 My Mom Holding Me 1979, My Mom Holding My Daughter In The Same Dress 2019.

#33 15 Years Of Anniversaries. Can You Tell When It Stopped Being Taken With A Digital Camera And Began Being Taken With A Phone?

#34 Same Beach, 25 Years Apart.

#35 My Sister And I, 1992 And 2014

#36 Passing Down The Baby Express To My Own Son

#37 I’ve Never Been Particularly Photogenic…

#38 Every Five Years From 1982-2012, Five Men Take The Same Photo At Their Cabin At Copco Lake In California. They Plan On Adding A 2017 Photo This Summer.

#39 24 Years In Between

#40 My Grandma’s Lebanese Passport Picture From 1955 (Left) And Me In The Present (Right). Christmas Gift To My Dad Last Year

#41 17 Years Apart – 2004 Cicada Brood —> 2021 Cicada Brood

#42 Timeless.

#43 23 Years

#44 My Daughter, Age 2 In 1998 On The Left, My Granddaughter, Age Two In 2019 On The Right

#45 My Boyfriend And I Discovered We Had Matching Photos As Ninja Turtles-Obsessed Preschoolers. We Knew What Had To Happen Next.

#46 Picture On The Right Went Viral Recently. 33 Years Later The Same Protagonists Recreated It

#47 Tony Hawk Around 1983 And Earlier This Year At Sanoland In Cardiff, Ca

#48 My Son’s First Days Of School, K-12

#49 Pop Wanted To Recreate His Childhood Santa Photo

#50 He’s Come Such A Long Way. Much Love For Steveo


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