Gorgeous 1890s Victorian Home Is A Colorful And Unique Time Capsule


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Every house has something a little special about it. Maybe it’s a custom feature or addition, or maybe its whole design is a work of art. And of course, every family puts something unique into a home, too!

But then, there are houses like the Victorian Gothic home in Cleveland, OH.

Built in 1890, this house looks like something out of a fairy tale. It has a striped roof and two onion-top turrets, and it’s really unlike anything you’ve ever seen. There’s even a carriage house.

And we haven’t even talked about the inside yet.

Inside, the home is a perfect Victorian time capsule, from the tiny sinks in the bedrooms to the intricately carved fireplaces and mantles, from the beautiful wood paneling to the crazy ornate wallpaper.

This house is so unusual and so perfectly decorated that it’s actually something of a landmark in Cleveland, kind of like the forlorn, dilapidated Queen Anne house in Pennsylvania that was restored to its full glory.

And did we mention it’s for sale?!

If you don’t want to move, though, you can check out this quirky historical home right here.



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