A Teenager Bought An Old Camper For $200 And Spent Her Summer Transforming It Into The Coolest Hangout


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Normally teens spend their summers by the pool or binge watching Netflix, but that wasn’t the case for Ellie Yeater this year, a 14-year-old who decided to make it a summer of renovation.

Lori from the blog, Woodworking Adventures, shared Ellie’s story, and it’s pretty amazing.

After finding a 1974 Wilderness camper (needing a lot of work done to it) for sale for the low price of $200, Ellie decided to make it her new “glamping” project.

“Her mother Lori calls her ‘an out-of-the-box kinda kid’ who had saved up around $500 from birthdays and chores to buy and refurbish the camper,” Lori wrote on her blog post about the projects.



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