1989 Yellow School Bus Is Transformed Into A Charming And Cozy Little Home!


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Converting a bus into a home is a project that many have attempted, and one that comes with specific challenges. Namely, how can you turn a long, narrow bus into a home with enough space?

Well, if you’re Mira and Jeremy Thompson, you do it remarkably well.

Back in 2011, the couple purchased an old school bus with the intention of turning it into a house. They took inspiration from cozy, traditional cabins for their unusual home, and created one seriously cute tiny house.

School buses are popular choices among intrepid DIY-ers who are looking to create small, efficient, and often mobile homes, like the couple who converted a bus into a Bohemian-chic, mobile oasis.

The Thompsons, though, weren’t looking to move — just to have a home that was both manageable and truly reflective of who they were.

They converted the 1989 bus into a fully furnished and beautifully decorated home using mostly recycled and reclaimed materials, as well as items picked up from antique and thrift stores. Read on to see how their bus turned out!



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