It Looks Like An Old Barn, But Wait Til You See Who Sleeps Inside…


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When you’re stuck in the day-to-day grind of work, commuting, kids, and bills, it can be tempting to imagine an escape from it all.

For some people, that escape is a beautiful island in the Caribbean. For others, it might be an ultra-glamorous camping experience in one of these spectacularly constructed tents.

But for the average city dweller, the answer is simple: A pastoral, rustic escape in a beautiful corner of the countryside — far, far away from taxicabs and neon lights.

If that sounds like a piece of heaven, then you need to see this amazing refurbished barn available for rent in New York’s bucolic Hudson Valley.

From the outside, it looks like an antiquated, weather-worn barn, possibly complete with a hayloft and a milk cow or two.

But in fact, it’s an utterly chic and cozy retreat, beautiful for steamy summer nights and chilly winter evenings in equal measure.

Scroll through the gorgeous gallery below to see all of the lovely amenities in this unique and charming property!



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