They Thought She Was Crazy To Move Into A Garage – But Inside? AMAZING!


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Looking for a decent home can be tough. First, you need to find something that suits your needs, family size, and lifestyle.

But sometimes, the perfect place is actually easier to find than you think — you just have to put a little work into it.

Designer Whitney Leigh Morris and her partner, Adam Winkleman, were faced with this issue. But they were lucky to find a solution. However, they were the only ones who believed it could work!

That’s because the couple decided to move into a garage. The 362-square-foot building was actually used as a standalone garage back in the 1920s, and shares the property with the original main house.

And naturally, not everyone believed it could work. After all, with two humans and two dogs, and the need for living, sleeping, eating, and work space, wouldn’t you need something larger?

But if there’s anything the tiny house movement has taught us, it’s that pretty much anything can be turned into a beautiful, livable home. Even an old school bus can be transformed into a cozy cottage with a little imagination.

Morris and Winkleman agree. As Morris says, “We don’t have to ‘live large’ to live beautifully.”

And after seeing her house? We totally agree!



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