She Hasn’t Changed Her Home For 72 Years. When You See What’s Inside, Your Jaw Will Drop!


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If home is where the heart is, this Toronto homeowner left her heart in 1965.

From the outside, this seemingly normal home looks like a quaint 1940s building, but the inside tells a completely different story. The 96-year-old owner hasn’t changed the interior of her home for 72 years. With metallic wallpaper, pastel decorations and modern prints, her two-story home is the perfect 1960s time capsule.

She never received formal training with interior design, but she has always held a fascination with decoration. She has kept her home in pristine condition with the help of her family. The homeowner told HGTV that she has always tried to be an individual and follow her own style. After seeing the pictures below, I couldn’t agree more!



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