Farmhouse Might Look Small From The Outside, But The Inside Is Jaw-Dropping!


1. I Thought This Was A Really Small Guest House. But Once Inside? I Am Beyond Jealous…

As you know, tiny homes are popular now for numerous reasons. They’re affordable, low maintenance, and are good for the environment.

One designer has taken tiny home living to a whole new level. How? By simply incorporating farmhouse roots in this modern mode of living.

With 690 square feet of space, this tiny home is quite large compared to others in the category. It includes a bedroom, kitchen, nice bathroom, and even a laundry space.

From the outside, the tiny home exudes a welcoming farm house feel that blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings.

What would a farmhouse be without a front porch? This designer didn’t skimp on this important detail. The front porch on this tiny house is welcoming and a great spot to sit as the sunsets below the horizon.

Since farmers live and work in rhythm with the sun, natural lighting is vitally important in this house. With lots of lights, the homeowner will always feel connected to the sun like every farmer in history.

With reclaimed wood floors, the bedroom and living space are actually not that small. They’re big enough to entertain a family.

But the heart of the home has to be this tiny farmhouse’s kitchen. It includes a fridge, dishwasher, and even an island!




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