Scientist Photographs A Man The Moment He Dies. You’ll Be Shocked By What He Captured!


You’ve probably seen death depicted in movies or TV with a spirit leaving the physical body behind, but did you know that this Hollywood gimmick is actually based on science?

Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov claims he can photograph the human spirit as it leaves a man or woman’s body at the moment of their death by using something called a bioelectrographic camera. Korotkov, who teaches physics at the St. Petersburg State Technical University in Russia, is known for his pioneering research on human energy fields.

In the video below, which was posted to YouTube by, Korotkov explains how he believes that the souls of humans never really leave the earth, and they can be seen in photographic reminders. So, next time you get a strange “mistake” in your photograph, just remember that it could be a loved one paying you a special visit.

Pretty freaky, isn’t it?! Check out the photograph that he claims to have taken at the moment of a man’s death… just know, it might haunt you!


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