Dentists Save A Beautiful Male Lion, Then Return Him To The Wild!


Kevin Richardson, a.k.a. “The Lion Whisperer,” has known a gorgeous male lion named Aslan since he was just a cub. Aslan’s stunning white coat has always made him stand out from the pride. “It was quite an incredible thing to see this really pure-white ball of fluff amongst all these brown lions,” Kevin says. Sadly, over the past several years, Aslan lost two of his vital canines. This once bold and confident cat has become aloof, agitated and more isolated from the pride ever since.

In the video below, Kevin teams up with Fixodent denture adhesives to ultimately save Aslan’s life and restore his place on top of the food chain. An amazing medical staff bands together to give Aslan two root canals and pull a few of his unhealthy teeth for maximum results.

Thanks to Kevin, these incredible doctors and the folks at Fixodent, Aslan got his bite back in more ways than one. When Aslan returns to his pride at the end of the video and allows Kevin to rub his muzzle, you can see the incredible changes that have taken place.

It’s no wonder this video has received nearly 13 million views and won an award at Cannes Film Festival.

Note: The video below contains a graphic surgical procedure from 3:10-3:58. Skip through this part if blood makes you squeamish!

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