She Takes A Toothbrush And Rips Out All The Bristles. The Reason Why She Does This? AWESOME!


What’s the first thing that comes to find when you think about a toothbrush? Cleaning! While you’ll clean your teeth with it at first, when it gets used up people often utilize the old toothbrush for detail cleaning.

But now the young Kat from her YouTube channel Katrinaosity has revealed a totally new and creative way to upcycle plastic toothbrushes. In the clip below, you’ll discover how to make an extraordinary bracelet in just a few minutes.

In order to perform this cool DIY project you’ll just need a few simple things.

A plastic toothbrush
Needle-nose pliers
A towel or oven mitts
Heat-resistant tongs
A pan of hot water
The first step is easy and FUN! Remove all the bristles from the toothbrush with your needle-nose pliers.

Once that’s done, bring the water to a boil on medium-high heat. Then drop your toothbrush into the water. After about 10-seconds carefully remove it to see if the plastic is pliable.

TIP: Use the towel or oven mitts to bend the toothbrush and a pair of heat-resistant tongs to take it in and out of the water.
When it’s ready, grab it carefully and fold it into a “cup” shape as Kat calls it so you can wear it around your wrist.

It doesn’t take long for the toothbrush to cool off. So if you still need it pliable to mold simply drop it back in the boiling water for a few minutes.

What do you think of this simple DIY project? Would you wear these acrylic accessories?

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